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Welcome to National City Hospital, a visionary endeavor that was established as a community-initiated public limited company, driven by the passionate business community and dedicated medical practitioners of the region. Our primary commitment is to ensure the delivery of top-notch, affordable healthcare to those in need. With a robust community of over 200 shareholders, we stand united in our unwavering pursuit of providing high-quality, accessible medical services.

Our journey spans a commendable 15-year history in the healthcare realm, during which we have consistently extended trustworthy care to our patients. Strategically located on Hospital Road in Bhara... Read more  

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Welcome to National City Hospital, a distinguished tertiary care general hospital dedicated to delivering affordable and superior healthcare services to the community. Our journey commenced in 2065, when an enthusiastic coalition of business leaders and medical practitioners from the Chitwan district established this venture as a public limited compa...

Mr Prachanda Lal Pradhan
Mr Prachanda Lal Pradhan Chairman

Message from Medical Director

National City Hospital stands as a premier tertiary care facility, boasting a comprehensive capacity for medical care. Nestled within the heart of Bharatpur municipality in Nepal's Chitwan district, we extend our services to patients coming from all over the nation. Our establishment operates round-the-clock emergency services, houses 100 inpatient b...

Dr. Nirmal Lamichhane
Dr. Nirmal Lamichhane Medical Director

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