Hematology is concerned with the study of blood and bone marrow in health and disease. The department is responsible for treatment of all hematological disorders according to internationally accepted guidelines and protocols. The department is a center of expertise for the treatment of blood and lymph-node diseases.

Our doctors shall take time to listen to your concerns and are dedicated to doing what is medically best for every patient.

Our constant effort is to advance our knowledge and methods which puts us at the extreme edge of what is possible, offering superlative clinical quality. We provide consultative services and accept referrals from family physicians and specialists. Our scope of practice includes treating patients with primary hematological problems or secondarily due to other etiology.

We provide patient care on OPD basis or in-patient, further also as day-care for chemotherapy, for which hematologists with significant expertise in various blood disorders participate in providing innovative comprehensive diagnosis and treatment.

Hematologist with thorough knowledge in scientific laboratory matters and sound clinical skills make them ability to follow through from diagnosis to prognosis to treatment.

We are treating wide spectrum of conditions related to hematology from Iron deficiency anemia, Iron-refractory iron deficiency anemia (IRIDA), Lymphoma to Leukemia, and are focused on care for cure with involvement of consultant, registrar, nurses, lab scientist and biology scholar.


  • OPDs: Hematology OPD, Leukemia and Lymphoma clinic, post BMT follow up OPD.
  • Chemotherapy/ IP care/ Day care services
  • Blood component transfusion
  • Comprehensive Blood Profile including cellular indices
  • Diagnostic Bone marrow aspiration/ biopsy with interpretation
  • Consultative Hematology


Dr Shankar Bastakoti

Dr. Shankar Bastakoti
Dr. Shankar Bastakoti

Consultant Haematologist


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