The Department of Pathology is a prime resource for clinical laboratory services required for innovative patient care, research and educational programs. We combine the sophisticated testing and informatics with capabilities of automated laboratories for delivery of clinical laboratory and pathology services. In an era of evidence-based medicine more than 60% of clinical decisions are performed based on the laboratory findings.

Correct diagnosis is the root of appropriate treatment for which our department is fully dedicated for precise and accurate lab reports. We are equipped with world renowned brand Beckman Coulter Diagnostics, a giant in diagnostics and life sciences from USA. The target of high sensitivity and specificity is achieved with regular internal quality control as well as external ones.

We are providing service in an area of around 2000 sq. feet with expert human resources including pathologist, microbiologist, lab technologist and phlebotomist.

Good phlebotomist, friendly and caring hands from the lab staffs are our asset which won’t let you disappoint.

  • Ideal lab reports are the reflection of your body status -

Services :

  • Surgical  Pathology: Histopathology
  • Cytopathology (Exfoliative and FNA)
  • Clinical Pathology: Routine blood tests, Tumor markers, Organ specific tests.
  • Microbiology & Immunology: Urine/blood/pus/fluid culture
  • Hemato pathology: Peripheral blood smear / Bone marrow aspiration/Biopsy

Human resources:

Dr Rajina Sahi, MD Pathology

Dr Shankar Bastakoti, MD Pathology

Mr. Yubraj Gautam BSc MLT

Mr Saurj Adhikari  BSc MLT

Ms. Melina Ale CMLT

Dr. Rajina Sahi
Dr. Rajina Sahi

Consultant Pathologist

MD ( Pathology) MBBS

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