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Dr. Sudeep Man Vaidya

Dr. Sudeep Man Vaidya (MBBS, M.Ch. Orthopedics, D.Ortho, FRCOS (Thai))

Department : Orthopaedics

Designation : Consultant Orthopedic and arthroscopy Surgeon

Step into the realm of exceptional orthopedic care at National City Hospital, where expertise and compassion converge to redefine the healthcare experience. It is our privilege to introduce the distinguished Dr. Sudeep Man Vaidya, a Senior Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon specializing in Trauma, Arthroscopy, and Sports injuries.

With a remarkable journey spanning decades, Dr. Vaidya's illustrious career is a testament to his unwavering dedication and exemplary skills. He graduated from Karnatak University in 1990 and subsequently completed his post-graduation in Orthopaedics from Mumbai in 1995. Dr. Vaidya's thirst for knowledge led him to diverse experiences that shaped his expertise. He spent six significant years at Birendra Police Hospital, adeptly managing extensive injuries during the Maoist insurgency, followed by another five years at Patan Hospital, where he laid the foundation for the orthopedic department.

Drawing from over 11 years of extensive practice in Kathmandu, Dr. Vaidya embarked on a transformative journey to Bharatpur, Chitwan. Here, he established operative orthopedics, catering to Chitwan and the surrounding districts, instilling confidence and trust among patients. His prowess was further affirmed through prestigious accolades, including the Fellow of the Royal College of Orthopaedic Surgeons of Thailand in 2003, MCh. Orthopaedics in 2012 from USAIM, and fellowships in joint replacement from Mumbai in 2000 and Fellowship in Sports Injuries from Sports Injury Centre, New Delhi in 2015.

Dr. Vaidya's leadership extends beyond surgical excellence. As a founding member of the Nepal Orthopaedic Association (NOA) and a driving force behind the Chitwan branch of NOA since 2012, serving as president from 2019 to 2021, he has actively shaped the field of orthopedics. Notably, his role as President of the Arthroscopy Society of Nepal underscores his commitment to advancing specialized care. He also had the honor of representing Nepal as a National delegate in the Asia Pacific Trauma Society from 2020 to 2022.

Since joining National City Hospital in 2019, Dr. Vaidya envisions transforming the institution into a premier orthopedic center. With a comprehensive approach encompassing trauma care, arthroscopy, sports injuries, orthopedic oncology, spine, and joint replacements, his presence augments the hospital's mission to redefine orthopedic healthcare.

Experience the synergy of innovation, expertise, and patient-centered care under the guidance of Dr. Sudeep Man Vaidya. Join us in witnessing the evolution of orthopedics at National City Hospital, where he aspires to establish a pioneering orthopedic department, setting new standards of excellence in the region.

Dr. Sudip Vaidya is a distinguished senior consultant orthopedic surgeon renowned for his expertise in general orthopedic surgery and arthroscopic procedures. With an illustrious career spanning over 30 years, Dr. Vaidya is a trusted name in the field of orthopedics, dedicated to providing exceptional care and precise surgical interventions.

Areas of Expertise:

Dr. Vaidya specializes in:

  • General orthopedic surgeries encompassing joint replacements, fractures, and musculoskeletal disorders
  • Arthroscopic surgeries for various joints, including knee, shoulder, and hip
  • Advanced techniques in minimally invasive orthopedic procedures for enhanced recovery and outcomes
  • Pioneering Arthroscopic Interventions:

Dr. Vaidya is recognized for his expertise in arthroscopic surgeries, employing minimally invasive techniques to diagnose and treat joint-related issues. His precise and innovative approach in arthroscopy allows for effective management of joint injuries and conditions.

Commitment to Patient-Centric Care:

Known for his compassionate demeanor, Dr. Vaidya places utmost importance on patient well-being. He believes in building strong patient-doctor relationships founded on trust, clear communication, and personalized care, ensuring that each patient receives tailored treatment plans aligned with their specific needs.

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