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Dr. Bhola Prasad Rauniyar

Dr. Bhola Prasad Rauniyar (MBBS.MD)

Department : Medical Oncology

Designation : Consultant Physician

Dr. Bhola Prasad Rauniyar is a Consultant Physician with years of experience in General Medicine and Medical Oncology. He used to be chief of the Medical Oncology services in B P Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital in Bharatpur and after his retirement from long years of govt. services he dedicates his services to public in this Hospital.

Being a pioneer group of doctors practicing Medical Oncology in Nepal, Dr Rauniyar has long experience in dealing and managing very large numbers of patients with different malignancies. He focuses more in solid tumors now a days.

His area of expertise are:

Solid Tumor treatments like cancer of breast, ovaries and lungs

Targeted and immunoterapies

Matrimonic and Palliative treatments

Chemotherapy induces complications

His approach with his patients consist of easy-to-understand conversations focusing on compliance to health services provided. He believes love and care is an integral part in art of medicine.

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